Dance expresses the sensory experience of being alive.  My mission as a choreographer is to bring the audience and performer alike, into a more embodied experience of who we are as creative and physical beings.​  This after all is how we connect with ourselves and with others.


I approach my work in movement with instinct and biology pointing towards the subtleties of the human experience.  My choreography is emotionally and aesthetically driven.  My research draws from life experience and somatic research.  I create a sensory and emotional experience in order to attune to a dynamic quality of presence.  For me this leads to a rich embodiment of the present moment, creating a dynamic shared experience between performer and audience.


Juliana grew up in San Diego, California. She studied ballet intensively from a young age and was introduced to and subsequently fell in love with modern dance at the age of 13. She choreographed her first piece at the age of 14 while studying modern dance under the tutelage of Carol Mead.


Juliana went onto receive her BFA in dance from The Boston Conservatory where she studied classical modern techniques such as Limón, Graham, Taylor, Cunningham and others.


She continued her studies with training in Gaga as well as several other contemporary styles including those of Doug Varone and Oliver Steele. She has danced professionally throughout the US and has the pleasure of working with artists including Douglas Dunn, Jim May, Barbara Mahler, Daniel Charon, Abel Costa, Callie Chapman, Korhan Basaran, Leah Cox, Sarah Council and Rachel Barker.


Juliana was introduced to somatic techniques in college through studying the Alexander Technique and Laban Movement Analysis. This piqued her interest and she went on to become certified in yoga and Pilates. She spent 3 years training to become a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist under the mentorship of Michael Shea.

After a severe spine injury, Juliana moved from NYC to Charlotte, North Carolina with her husband. After a lengthy recovery, she began to make work again in 2013. She founded PLEXUS|dance and in 2014 successfully produced and completed their first season to rave reviews.

In 2017, pregnant with her second son, she moved back to California and has since been focused on raising her two children and making dance for film. She was a finalist in the 2018 Front & Main Film Festival with her film titled, Transcript.

She is currently working on an evening length production in collaboration with composer Maddi Baird to be performed in April/May 2021.

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