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That Belongs To You, Dear
Juliana Carson



Dance expresses the sensory experience of being alive. My mission as a choreographer is to captivate and bring the audience and performer alike on a beautiful and meaningful journey. Through movement, I try to offer an embodied and potent experience of who we are as creative and physical beings. This after all is how we connect with ourselves and with others.


I approach my work in movement with vulnerability and honesty in order to explore and express the subtleties of the human experience. My choreography is emotionally and aesthetically driven, drawing inspiration from life experience and somatic research. I create a rich sensory and emotional landscape in order to attune to a dynamic quality of presence. For me this leads to a rich embodiment of the present moment, creating a dynamic shared experience between performer and audience.

Juliana Carson
Juliana Carson


Juliana Carson is an independent dance artist, teacher and body worker living in Southern California. She creates works for live performance and film. Her subtle use of emotion textured with sensual physicality captivates the viewer and brings them intimately into a shared sensory experience.

After receiving her BFA in Dance from The Boston Conservatory and subsequently performing in New York City with many different choreographers, she founded and directed PLEXUS|dance in 2013 in Charlotte, North Carolina, bringing cutting edge and sophisticated dance to the region. She choreographed and produced several evening-length performances, elevating the exposure of Charlotte audiences to top-quality dance.

“PLEXUS|dance is delivering polished and provocative immersions in the art form…In an ideal scenario, audience will cross-pollinate with the company and flourish, opening up new outlets for more dancers, musicians, designers, and technicians to participate in the full development of Carson’s unquestionable talents.” - Perry Tannenbaum

In 2017, Juliana moved home to California with her husband and two children. She has since worked independently, expanding her knowledge of movement through sensory research and film-making. Her films have been showcased in many festivals including the International Fine Arts Film Festival, Berlin Indie Film Fest, and Front & Main. She is currently collaborating with a local artists on an evening of movement, music and film to be performed in 2023.

Juliana teaches ballet and contemporary dance to students ranging from 3 to 17, as well as open-level adult classes. She is currently launching “Kinesthetic Movement Labs” for children and adults of all ages, where movement and somatic tools are used to learn about the body and develop internal and external sensory awareness.

Juliana was introduced to somatic techniques in college through studying the Alexander Technique and Laban Movement Analysis. This piqued her interest and she went on to become certified in yoga and Pilates. She spent 3 years training to become a Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist under the mentorship of Michael Shea. She is also a trained Massage Therapist and is currently studying Bone Bending/Marrow Mending under the tutelage of Dr. Elizabeth Swallow.

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